Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the art of function

The first piece of recycled art i ever made was a clock
since 2001 i've made many different types of clocks that have been available to the public at events like the B.I.C.A.S. Art Auctions & GABA Bike Swap meets in Tucson, Az.

from left ~ disc brake with gears! hybrid clock /
industrial gear clock / full campy clock

around 2002 i started to come up with a clean style of clock
i don't typically mark my clocks but some of my signatures are the gear shaped washers in the center and painted red or black hands

Small clocks like this one are for sale on my ETSY site( enclaveonline.etsy.com ) and in the gallery at BICAS

( 44 W. 6th St. Tucson, Az. )

this is a built wheel clock / the gear that the clock is on is built into the wheel
psi 100

campy rim built wheel clock

this is a chain ring wall clock

this wall clock is a 12 hole motorcycle gear , a bicycle gear
and a vintage computer hard drive that make up the main elements of this clock

blue anodized motorcycle gear with a bmx chain ring

for this wall clock



this is the first end table design
built wheel with bicycle frame tubing and bicycle rim legs
16" rim/tire and tube ~ 40 psi
glass or lexan top

height 19"

next design featured a motorcycle gear, this piece
has a bicycle chain ring and vintage gear base 20" rim / tire table top ~ glass or lexan top

center detail

i made this cafe size table with Kathy Eldred
i made the table and Kathy did the dragon mosaic on the top
26" rim/tire ~ solid tube
height 29"

blue dragon

Kathy did the glass work in the motorcycle brake rotor

main tube of the table has down tube shifters

this is an end table Kathy and i did together ~ smaller version of the previous piece

20" tire rim ~ solid tube ~ height 19"

two styles

mosaic top ~ built wheel w/dual oval panes


handlebars & rims
This chair is on display in the gallery at BICAS

( 44 W. 6th St. Tucson, Az. )


bicycle racks

i made this piece for the Empire Market on 9th st. (east of 4th ave., tucson) it was painted by Heather Wodrich /i also have bicycle racks in back of Rocco's Pizza (near e. broadway, tucson) & Wingspan (7th st. at 4th ave., tucson)

drop twist

u-locks descending

handlebars ~ hub
fire sprinkler tubing ~ tumbling ball ~ salvaged steel plate


stratsophere plant holder
bicycle rims ~ bicycle gears ~ motorcycle chain ring


commission from 2002

chain body ~ face door sculpture

crank arm & gear flag

i would tell you to go and see it but someone spray painted it white , yes that's right this piece would have rusted in certain places and not in others and looked so cool / at least i've got pictures


i made this lunchbox for the 2004 Urban Picnic

closes with a cotter pin

flattened rim cigar box purse
i changed the chain to a more heavy duty one after these photos

black fabric lining


this piece was designed by Ignacio Rosales
i made this and all of the coffeemakers for the 2004 & 2005 B.I.C.A.S. Art Auctions


incense burner
hub ~ bent spokes
ball bearings ~ gears
headset cup ~ bottle cap

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