Saturday, April 25, 2009

paisley shadows & polished metal (lighting)

lamps , that's a good place to start... i seriously started making lamps in 2002 , but, it wasn't until the next year that they really started to gel / i had been trying many shade designs and then i started using perforated metals ! the first few lamps had shades of stainless steel and I really liked the effect but something was missing / soon enough , i started mixing things up and making some pretty interesting shades in a number of sizes

after a while , i came up with the idea that using two pieces of perforated steel a inch apart would make really good shadows (but only with a clear bulb) / and this is an idea that i used to make a lot of lamps for a number of years / some were sold locally at b.i.c.a.s. art auctions and some at retail locations and a few on the web


nickle plated table lamp

this lamp is made of an automobile / motorcycle / & bicycle gear & parts, for the base / bicycle tubing and ceiling panel vents , all of the parts are then cleaned and or polished and plated welded and assembled

this lamp is on display in the gallery at BICAS

( 44 W. 6th St. tucson, Az. )

this base includes a bicycle drum brake hub with bearings in the spoke holes for decoration

industrial pulley base
industrial gear / bicycle tubing / bicycle headset cup

side view of shade

industrial gears / bicycle tubing / headset cup


recently (2009) , i've been making sconces out of u-locks this all came about when i started to get a steady supply of them and i thought i could come up with some interesting art deco looking designs / a friend said that he wanted some indoor and outdoor wall sconces and asked if i had any good ideas , and after a few days i came up with the what became the following photos

this view lets you get a look at the piece when it's daytime / this piece is made from u-locks , cut so that they are staggered and angle out as they rise up / behind the u-locks i did what i call parts collage / this is random bicycle parts welded in ways to fill some of the space and it creates some nice shadows as well / the light from the indoor sconce is directed upward

this is what it looks like with a clear bulb

owner prefers blue compact florescent

this is the outdoor version / a little more subtle and not angled / backing the u-locks are flattened fenders with a curved gear in between / the light from the outdoor sconce is directed downward


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  1. Beautiful work. I've seen a lot of bike art but yours is the best.

  2. We are the proud owners of your silver lock fish. It looks fantastic in our living room! A real classy piece!

  3. Brother -I am very impressed & will be sharing your blog sight with many! Great pieces I have never seen before. Keep up the fantastic work!! I am proud to say I own a few of your creations!!

  4. I absolutely LOVE the frame made out of spokes. And cut diagonally- how cool! Also, delighted to know you are still alive and well-
    ROSE in Pennylvania

  5. Wonderful pieces. You need to put these on
    Really easy and cheap too. If you want me to help you create a website that folks can buy from let me know. GoDaddy is easy.
    Love your work. Share it with others all over the world.

  6. I really enjoyed seeing your work with bicycles... you make great art.

    I do something similar up here in Canada.
    If you like, see