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I moved to Tucson in September 2001, I had been there before, with a band I was in, in the 90's. I really liked the downtown area and I noticed the bike culture and art scene. I started hanging around BICAS in October of that year and one day I was asked if I wanted to try and make something for their art auction. I gave it a some thought and decided I'd try to make a clock. I picked out some gears and figured out how I wanted them to be arranged and Alan Reilly ( former BICAS director) welded them together. It sold at the auction for $38.00. I was hooked enough to start thinking about all the different things I might be able to come up with.

First piece from 2001 B.I.C.A.S. Art Auction

The first pieces I made were mainly wall pieces. I didn't know how to weld when I first started making recycled art and I did a lot of work with a two part epoxy that bonds metal ( J B Weld ). The first wall pieces were building blocks for the parts collage pieces I would do in a few years.

2002 B.I.C.A.S. Spring Art Show*
This is one of the first frames I made, actually 3rd if my memory is correct. It started as a wood frame which I gutted and then glued spokes in for a matte. After that I glued ball bearings, cable housings, and rusted chain on to the wood. The photo is one of my own of a road going off into the distance and mountains as the horizon (one of the few images I can draw without tracing). The technique is interesting. I glue the photo to 1/4" foam board and then glue a piece of glass on the photo. After that a matte is glued on top of the glass making a "matte on glass photo".

*The photo is a scanned paper photo that is slightly out of focus.

This Wall Mirror is probably my favorite early frame. Not much to it, just a wood frame, spokes, reflectors, and a mirror. The simplicity and the elegance made me feel like I was on to something, however, there aren't that many equal square frames at thrift stores, I came to find out. And that's kind of required for this piece.

This is the first lamp I ever made (2002). It was made of spokes and gears and it was completely glued together with J B Weld. It didn't last long....

But as far as style points and originality, it's the starting point!





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