Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tucson Urban Picnic 2010

This is a piece I made for the 2010 Tucson Urban Picnic. The event is on April 23, 2010 at the La En Cantata Shopping Center. Tickets are a mere $45.00 with proceeds going to Tucson Ballet and B.I.C.A.S. (10% of the total). Although I made a similar piece in 2004 (highest bid piece that year!), this piece is a little different. This years piece has a carbon fiber handle ($$$ in bike culture) and four of the six sides of this piece were made as one! The previous piece (from 2004, scroll down for images), was 6 different panels fitted together. This year, I included keys on every side ( I think) and a better fastening device (store bought, along with the hinge). I also tried to incorporate tools in this years entry. Who knew that people actually collected art lunch boxes, or that there were Urban Picnics all over the country!

Side view with key and wrench!

Other side has 7/16 wrench!

Bottom has a sealed (possibly) skateboard bearing!

Top view show brake levers on lid and closure (no cotter pin!)!

View inside the box!

First side constructed is the last picture!