Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spring Auction Season!

Spring has been Auction time, a time to help some good organizations! The Lunch Box in the following post was bid up to $725.00 for the benefit of BICAS and Ballet Tucson. It was a fun afternoon at La Encantata Shopping Plaza with a nice lunch and Mimosas. It was fun to see my piece bid on by so many people. It was the highest bid piece that was an actual "lunch box" , and other pieces went for even more. The day seemed like a success for the benefactors and that's what mattered most! The next auction was to benefit a great place (where I do my screen printing, by the why) that has had some issues with the space in which it operates. It's called the Gloo Factory and has been printing all types of shirts, stickers, signs, buttons for many of the great local non-profits, artists & arts organizations, political campaigns and all kinds of things I'm probably overlooking, for years, and Dwight (who runs things) may lose his space and I contributed two handbags for the "SAVE THE GLOO FACTORY" benefit auction. After that I donated a Gear Clock to the KXCI Online Auction. The clocks continue to sell, slowly but surely, for almost 10 years now! As summer approaches, I'm making a collaborative piece that's first rate art furniture and quite unique. Photos coming soon!

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